Copper infused into the gloves kills the harmful microbes and viruses

Copper ions infused into Caring Hands antimicrobial gloves are scientifically proven to be able to destroy the harmful pathogenic micro-organisms and coronaviruses. Copper has been widely used in surfaces to prevent the harmful pathogens from growing. For example, copper has been long used in the hospital environment.

Phase 1
As a microbe reaches copper surface, copper ions are able to engage through the microbial membrane.
Phase 2
As the membrane has been broken, microbe cell will be flooded with copper ions. This results in complete desctruction of the microbe cell.
Phase 3
This constant elimination process happens all the time on the copper surface. It also prevents the microbes from reproducing.

Health benefits

Caring Hands gloves have health benefits

Caring Hands gloves are hygienic and antibacterial. Copper is widely known to be able to increase the levels of collagen and elastin for softer, moister and healthier skin. In addition, copper has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.



Durable & high quality

Caring Hands antimicrobial gloves are made from high quality materials. The Nylon’s knitting is 280 Denier with 13 Gauge, carefully crafted and designed for long lasting use. These gloves will last longer and still feeling fresh.

Touchscreen compatible

Works precisely with all the smartphones and other touchscreen. There is no need for taking the glove off while using the phone or other devices.

Breathable material

Designed for 24-hour use. The gloves do not get sweaty even in the hard line of work.


In addition, the gloves are anti-odor, meaning that the copper eliminates 99.9% of these odor-causing microbes and thus keeping the gloves stink-free, fresh and more sterile throughout the day.


Proven results

Turku University laboratory testing results show the Caring Hands antimicrobial gloves being able to reduce the amount of harmful pathogenic micro-organism by 99.9%. In addition, copper has been widely scientifically proven to be effective against viruses, such as coronaviruses.

What does this mean in practice?

Caring Hands gloves destroy coronaviruses

Turku University in Finland tested Caring Hands gloves in the laboratory of the Department of Biomedicine. The results show that gloves are able to reduce coronaviruses by as much as 99.98%. In the same test, it was found that coronaviruses remained viable on the surface of a traditional cotton glove for a long time.


What others say about our gloves?

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“Very comfortable to use!”
Cashier at Supermarket
“Those gloves treated the skin in my hands well! Normally I have to tape my fingers during a long day, but now the skin was soft and silky. Definitely recommend!”
Cashier at supermarket
“Those gloves treated the skin in my hands well! Normally i have to tape my fingers during a long day, but now the skin was soft and silky. Definitely recommend!”
Cashier at supermarket

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Question and answers

Copper-nylon gloves are safe to use. In fact, they have many healthy benefits for the hands and for the skin. In addition, copper is an essential nutrient for human.

No. The form of the copper in the gloves do not leave any stains in hands or other materials.
The gloves are made from nylon and copper.
Yes, you can machine wash them. On the first wash, gloves may shrink 1-2%. Washing does not affect the anti-microbial properties of the gloves (we have tested this in the laboratory after 10x machine wash cycles)

Yes. You can use all kinds of touchscreens as well as smartphones with gloves in hand. It is very handy that you can for example write messages with gloves in hand.

The functionality and quality of the gloves is our top priority and that is why we have commissioned numerous different tests with our gloves. We have tested gloves against the corona-virus at a famous Finnish university at the Department of Biomedicine. In addition, we have tested gloves against bacteria in a Korean testing laboratory. In the same laboratory, we have also tested that the antimicrobial properties do not deteriorate even after 10 washing cycles. Our gloves are certified according to CE EN 388 and EN 420 standards. In addition to these, our gloves are also ESD tested in the laboratory.