How we got here

The whole world faced a huge crisis during the winter 2020. New kind of virus started spreading from human to human without signs of slowing down. As the World leaders across the globe were busy finding ways to stop the virus from spreading, Caring Hands guys had plenty of time in the quarantine by the lake to think about what they could do to help solve the problem.

From industry experts to you

Caring Hands was founded in 2020 by industry experts. The founders have influenced behind the companies Albiox and Jalo Helsinki, among others. These guys started wondering if the traditional glove would prevent the virus from spreading. The results were devastating as the virus remained viable on the surface of a traditional glove for a very long time and thus allows the virus to spread. They studied other possible materials and found that copper was widely used, for example, in hospital surfaces. Copper has an inherent ability to destroy harmful microbes and viruses. It was from this idea that Caring Hands originated.

They commissioned laboratory tests in South Korea and the results were astounding. Copper-nylon gloves were able to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria. In addition, the gloves were sent to the Department of Biomedicine, in one of the best universities in Finland, where the gloves were tested against the coronavirus. The results were similar, with 99.9% of coronaviruses destroyed after as little as 30 minutes of contact. Encouraged by the results, the Caring Hands guys started a fight against the coronavirus - they wanted to allow a handshake again.

Our CEO Tommi Laatikainen
Tommi founded Albiox back in 2003, delivering a diverse and innovative range of sterile and non-sterile products, supporting critical environment activities across all areas of aseptic manufacturing. Albiox is serving several core markets including hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory and diagnostic environments.
Olli Nuutila & Mikko Järvenpää
Back in 2009, Olli and Mikko founded Jalo Helsinki, whose mission is to save lives by developing and marketing beautifully designed and compliant fire safety products. The company is best known for its Red Dot-awarded Kupu smoke alarms and unique Oiva kitchen extinguisher. Jalo Helsinki’s products bring safety already to hundreds of thousands of homes across the world.